Professional Stories


Blencowes Chartered Accountants - Bob Blencowe, Managing Director

We have known Keith and his team for many years and over that time have developed an excellent relationship that benefits our clients. The following examples are typical of how we have helped clients by working together:


Planning for Retirement

Our client was selling a business that owned the freehold of the business premises from which they traded however it was always unlikely that a purchaser of the business would want to own the building. However, our client wanted to see the value of the building included in the transaction.


Following discussions Keith proposed that the clients pension funds buy the building from the business, the pensions receive the ongoing rent and the cash would be in the business to form part of a sale. Our clients now own the property in their pensions, which receives the rent and the business can now be sold with or without the freehold of the business premises.


Estate Planning

Another example was one of our older clients and her Power of Attorney who were seeking ways to pass significant assets to her family, the main concern being that she may not live the 7 years that applies to larger gifts. Again we discussed our clients scenario with Keith and Inheritance Planning Consultancy and together we put together potential solutions that required specialist knowledge.


The result being that the Estate was immediately reduced with further reductions in 2 and 7 years, our client still lives in her home and has sufficient income to fund her private carers.


In both of these examples, the MDGMK team demonstrated outstanding knowledge and care for our clients needs. The fact that MDG also manage our staff benefits and my personal financial planning highlights that we are very happy to work together.