Private Client Stories


Cora Weed

Ian and I were referred to Keith by friends many years ago, following Ian's untimely passing in 2011, Keith and his team have all been very supportive and helpful as we come to terms with our loss. The honesty and care that they have given has been much needed at this difficult time as the boys and I adjust to life without Ian and his income which we all took for granted. Not only has Keith given good financial advice, which we would all expect from a good adviser, he has taken time to share experiences, information and knowledge to help me in many ways other than just how I fund our lifestyle.


If you don't have a good financial planner I strongly recommend that you make contact with Keith and his team.



Andy & Jennie Braithwaite

We were introduced to Keith and his excellent team by our accountant, Bob Blencowe, who we have much to thank for. Keith has taken a very personalised approach to our situation, has helped us brainstorm creative ideas and has ensured that our  individual circumstances are the driver for all discussions.


Being referred by our accountant gave us confidence and we can certainly see why accountants would recommend MDG as the advice and service provided compliments their own services.


We are very pleased to have purchased premises for our business using our pension funds that prior to seeking advice from MDG were spread across pensions that we did not really understand and certainly did not manage as we should have. The result is that our pension now receives the funds that our business was paying as rent and our business now occupies premises that we control.


During the purchase process we went on holiday, during which, Keith agreed a reduced purchase price on our behalf, this saved us far more than the cost of his services, so on that basis working with Keith has been great value!


When Keith is not available his team provide the same excellent support and service, making it a pleasure to deal with them.


We hope to have a long and lasting relationship with MDG as we approach our retirement and for many years throughout retirement.



Adrienne and Tony Haward

Keith has been our financial adviser since 1988 when our previous adviser moved on but kindly introduced us to Keith, who at the time was young and clearly committed to his profession.


During the past 24 years, Keith has met us regularly, managing our investments as we have built businesses and sold them, he has also helped our family. We have now retired and moved home, but without Keith's advice and help along the way, we are sure we would not be enjoying the financially comfortable retirement that we now have.


His office is a pleasure to visit and his team a pleasure to deal with, but one of the biggest pleasures has been seeing Keith develop as an individual and how he has helped others through his rugby commitments. Now we enjoy asking after Josh who is following in his Dads footsteps and no doubt will further enhance the family business.


In our view, Keith thoroughly deserved his nomination to be a London 2012 Torchbearer and we look forward to many more years of advice from the team, hopefully, we will one day see Keith retire albeit not too soon!



Chris & Maria O'Loughlin

The team at MDG MK have undertaken significant work on our behalf in recent years, so that we took control of our resources and can now look forward to a considerably improved retirement.


They have ensured that we not only understand but have taken full advantage of sophisticated planning. This has included amalgamation of pensions, outstanding investment management, motivating us to maximise salary exchange arrangements available via my employer and Estate Planning advice to assist our families future generations. 


It is fair to say that we would not be in the position we are without the advice we have received.  


The backbone of our relationship is a fair and transparent charging structure that we have been happy to pay.  


We are very grateful and therefore happy to recommend MDG MK. 


Darryl Rice

Having dealt with the MDG MK team for a number of years, I now sleep easily knowing that my finances are in safe hands.  


Having worked for various multi-national packaging companies for the last thirty odd years, back in 2011 my pro-active employer decided to engage MDG as their professional advisers. MDG MK were tasked with building an employee benefit strategy to attract and retain high quality employees and based on my experiences, MDG MK delivered exactly what they promised.  


I had worked for many years for different companies, and had already accrued various Pension Funds which were spread around in many different places. My previous advisors helped with the investment of my funds and were perfectly good in their role. What Keith added was a far broader level of detail to my Financial Planning for the future. In time this led my wife Sandra and I to moving all of our funds to MDG MK and upgrading to their Private Client Services.  


The Private Client Service began with a fresh look at our finances with a Discovery Meeting that asked Sandra and myself questions that made us think about our lifestyle in a much more focussed and organised way than we ever had. Having been helped to define our Current Lifestyle and Desired Lifestyle, we set about answering the most significant question that we hadn't previously given enough consideration – How Much is Enough?!  


As it turns out, we were in the fortunate position of having accrued enough funds already to achieve the lifestyle we hoped to enjoy. I gave this significant consideration and when my next work appraisal review came around with my boss, he wanted to talk about my future training plans… but I was more focused on my exit package! I am now adapting readily to my early retirement and we spend our time enjoying our Desired Lifestyle, planning future holidays and expanding our modest wine collection!