Private Clients

Often our new clients will require our Life Planning services, where we focus on "getting under the skin" to identify what really matters to them. Then and only then do we talk about what financial resources they have.


Here are some of the questions we ask, so as to identify the truth, and ensure we understand the 'real you' before developing your financial planning strategy….


What do you need to do to ensure that you never run out of money?

When can you stop doing what you no longer enjoy?

When can you do more of what you really love to do?

How do you want to be remembered by your friends and children?

What do you need to do to ensure that your family are totally financially secure whatever happens?

How much is enough?


Our view is that Lifestyle Financial Planning is Financial Planning done properly with your objectives at the forefront.


Lifestyle Financial Planning - Done Properly


We WILL nag, cajole, nurture; help, inspire and encourage you to identify the life you want - and the life you want to keep - and then nag, cajole, nurture; help, inspire and encourage you to do the things that you need to do in order to make it a reality. With us on your side YOU WILL enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle.


After all, Life is not a rehearsal, precious time is slipping away therefore our role is essential in ensuring that our Private Clients identify and then do the things that they want to do whilst they have the health to do it.


The results often lead to outcomes that clients had not previously considered.


Clients have found this approach has really helped to ensure that objectives are truly in line with their real goals in life. Often, once we have established the objectives and how best to make these happen financially, the outcome can be better holidays, earlier retirement and a change for the better in work-life balance.


One thing is for certain, we will tell you the truth about your money, so that you know whether you are on track to have too little, too much or just enough.


What Does Lifestyle Financial Planning Look Like?


As a client seeking our knowledge and independent thinking, you can choose the ongoing service level and investment strategy to suit your situation. It is this simple philosophy that allows us to look after all kinds of people with all kinds of requirements and objectives.  


Often a new client will present us with a box of paperwork containing policies, share certificates, deposit account information, National Savings, ISAs and all manner of investments. Some new clients are very organised and have spreadsheets detailing all their existing holdings with paperwork to go with it, but many come to us admitting they have no idea "what's what". They don't know the purpose of the plans they have or where the underlying investments are held or the risks associated. Often this has occurred as arrangements have been accumulated over time, each bought with good reason but without a long-term trusted adviser on hand to advise, guide and ensure ongoing reviews keep you on track to achieve your desired objectives.  


Clients in this situation typically find they have been paying outdated charges, often including an ongoing fee or commission to the original adviser but without any ongoing service agreement. It means underlying investments are not reviewed or rebalanced, so no account of current attitude to risk or suitable asset allocation has been applied. Clients in this situation find our approach refreshing and hugely beneficial.  


Whatever your situation, if you are seeking a friendly positive relationship that will improve your lifestyle and that of others close to you, contact us and have a Discovery meeting at our expense.