Our Costs


What Does All This Knowledge and Service Cost?


The answer is simple: enough to enable us to run a strong profitable business but not more than our clients find acceptable.


Following an initial Discovery Meeting we will clearly outline the right services and their associated costs so you can be absolutely clear on what you'll be getting and what we'll be charging before you decide to engage us.


If you know the price of everything and the value of nothing, or are the type of person who would buy a parachute based on whether it was the cheapest rather than whether it was likely to save your life, then we may not be the best option for your financial planning!


Our clients are not tied into any rolling contracts, such as with mobile phone companies or car-purchase schemes, and are free to leave us at anytime if we fail to live up to your expectations. This means it is up to us to deliver service and knowledge that our clients will see as "value for money".


We aim to ensure that every client not only accepts our fees but is very happy to pay them so as to gain from the value of our services.


To us, this is how all business should operate – no ties, just a simple, open expectation that the relationship will work financially for all parties.