Keith Butten CFPTM


Keith became a financial adviser aged 21 at a time when the industry focused mainly on simply selling financial products. He quickly realised that providing a more holistic approach combined with ongoing service was his preferred way to engage clients.


Today Keith still deals with clients who he first met in those very early days in the late Eighties, and in many cases their friends, family and business colleagues.


He says: "Having witnessed various clients enjoying success, bringing up families, building new businesses, selling companies, as well as others going insolvent, divorcing, suffering serious illness and dying, we have first-hand experience of most situations. It is on this experience and understanding as well as our professional qualifications, that our clients, existing and new, can rely."


Besides working hard to build the business, Keith has continually given to others – whether through charities he has chosen to support, financial advisers who have sought his ideas to improve their businesses, or Luton Rugby Club, where he was Chairman for 9 very successful years.


He adds: "While securing my family's future it is essential to me that I help others. Without the help given to me I would not have had a chance of success in such a challenging business. If I can help young people, be that through the enjoyment and camaraderie of rugby or by guiding new talent into financial planning, then I'll do everything I can."


Keith has many personal achievements of which he is very proud. Here he cites a few:


Buying homes that the family have loved – the first at age 20 and culminating in our current family home, bought in 2002. We seek to continually improve it for future generations to enjoy.


Taking care of Grandma so she and Josh had many happy times to share.


Managing and coaching a very successful rugby team from under 7s to colts, winning trophies and plaudits but most importantly giving young people a chance to enjoy the greatest team sport of all (I'm not biased in any way!).


Organising and leading Luton Rugby Club under 16s' tour to Cape Town, South Africa, and delivering much-needed rugby kit to Langa and Khayelitsha Township rugby clubs. Providing Josh with an educational opportunity at Bedford Modern School that has given him a great foundation on which to build his life.


Being nominated and selected to be an Olympic Torchbearer for the London 2012 Games.


All of the above required commitment, focus, dedication and energy – qualities that Keith brings to all areas of his work representing our clients.




Diploma in Financial Planning

Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning

Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice

Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management

Certificate in Equity Release

Financial Planning Certificate




IFP - Principles of Financial Planning

AF5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning / Financial Planning Process

AF3 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning / Pensions

J10 Discretionary Investment Management

J09 Paraplanning

J05 Pension Income Options

R06 Financial Planning Practise

R05 Financial Protection

R04 Pensions and Retirement Planning

R03 Personal Taxation

R02 Investment Principles & Risk

R01 Financial Services, Regulation & Ethics

ER1 Equity Release

Cemap Mortgage Advice Diploma

Financial Planning Certificate 3

Financial Planning Certificate 2

Financial Planning Certificate 1