Josh Butten CFPTM


Many see age to be directly linked to wisdom - something that is deemed essential to be the perfect Financial Planner. Conversely, we believe that Josh's youth is a huge benefit. As a result of his wish to not be judged solely by his age, Josh has developed a constant willingness to learn and progress.  


Josh is already in his sixth year within the industry and is rapidly building experience. He continues to do so to ensure he provides an outstanding level of client service and continuity for many years to come.  


Josh is an interesting example of someone who has made the most of his experiences from many different roles and who has constantly set himself attainable - but challenging - goals. After deciding that he wanted to join the family business aged 16, Josh established his own learning path as a set of stepping stones. After agreement from The Headmaster at Bedford Modern School (BMS), Josh was allowed to study three A-Levels and the Certificate in Financial Planning, rather than the typical four A-Level route adopted by the school.  


Since the age of 16, Josh has been learning his trade and has passed many exams to demonstrate his effort and knowledge. In January 2013 Josh was confirmed to be the country's youngest Level 4 Diploma Qualified Financial Planner. This was a fantastic achievement as Level 4 is the increased industry standard and something that many experienced advisers either struggled to achieve or decided not to attempt.  


In 2015 Josh became the youngest person to ever hold all four headline qualifications within the Financial Planning profession. Those being - Chartered Financial Planner, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Chartered Wealth Manager and Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society.


In a family business, Josh is in the interesting position of being able to absorb as much information as possible, with his final objective to be the most rounded and complete Financial Planner possible. He has a significant advantage working in our office where he is surrounded by experienced and wise heads every single day. Josh also spent time on various work placements in specialist environments such within an EIS & VCT Investment provider and at one of our partner businesses, Blencowes Accountants, where he completed tax returns, investment property accounts and used his IT skills to modernise existing processes.


For the past seven years, alongside his exams, Josh has focused on managing our clients' Household & Commercial Insurances, Personal Risk Management and Business Protection becoming the MDGMK office specialist in these areas. 


Josh is also the Office IT Wizard for the Apple Hardware and Routers as well as the many types of software that we use within our daily business activities to provide our clients with the very best outcomes.


Outside of work, Josh is a keen rugby player and has represented Luton for fifteen seasons in every team from 'Under 6' up to the 1st XV. As well as playing Rugby, Tennis and Squash, Josh is an avid drummer and loves to plug in his headphones and play along to Arctic Monkeys, Muse or any of his other favourite bands. Unlike those nearby, he finds it very relaxing!  


Josh is more than happy to discuss his learning path and experiences with any young people who may wish to plot a route into the Financial Planning industry.




Chartered Financial Planner

Chartered Wealth Manager

Fellow of the Personal Finance Society




IFP - Principles of Financial Planning
AF4 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning / Investments
AF3 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning / Pensions
AF1 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning / Personal Taxation & Trusts
J10 Discretionary Investment Management
J05 Pension Income Options
R06 Financial Planning Practise
R05 Financial Protection
R04 Pensions and Retirement Planning
R03 Personal Taxation
R02 Investment Principles & Risk
R01 Financial Services, Regulation & Ethics
ER1 Equity Release
CF6 Mortgage Advice
CF5 Integrated Financial Planning
CF4 Retirement Planning
CF3 Financial Protection
CF2 Investment & Risk
CF1 UK Financial Services, Regulations & Ethics