Investment Philosophy

Through discussion and understanding of risk-management we ensure our employee benefit clients' investment outcomes are aligned with expectations.


To achieve this we offer a range of investment solutions to members of the employee benefits we offer.


Our model portfolios can be accessed within your corporate pension arrangement or via Individual Savings Accounts or directly held investments.


We fundamentally understand and believe that good asset allocation, reviewed regularly and rebalanced in line with future expectations is what delivers the desired outcome.


All of our clients benefit from our philosophy, except those who prefer to tailor all or part of their portfolio themselves to gain exposure to specific investments.



All of our Group Pension arrangements offer a Default Fund however we actively encourage members to take interest in their investments and this usually results in other investment management strategies being selected.


We offer a range of risk rated portfolios consisting of both Passive and Active investment strategies.


We use Passive investments in those markets where even the better Active managers struggle to consistently beat the index, this in turn reduces portfolio costs.


For assets where we believe that the best Active managers do add significant value we use those funds to achieve better than index returns.


The combination of good asset allocation, tactical weighting, passive and active management as appropriate, has served our clients very well for many years through all market conditions.


IMPORTANTLY - if you opt to use our Model Portfolios it is essential that you have Review Meetings so as to ensure that your portfolio is not out of kilter with your Attitude to Risk or our current thinking.

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If you wish to build your own portfolios within the benefits that we run, you are welcome to do so. Whilst you are always welcome to revert to the Default Fund or our Model Portfolios, we will not provide ongoing investment management services as our investment opinions and strategy are unlikely to be aligned if you choose to self select.