Investment Philosophy


Through discussion and understanding of risk-management we ensure our clients' investment outcomes are aligned with expectations. To achieve this we focus on understanding you and then use outsourced professionals to recommend asset allocation models most likely to deliver the best outcomes within your acceptable risk tolerances.


With asset allocation set, we build portfolios that use Passive investment or a mix of Active & Passive, in all cases carefully monitoring and selecting the managers who will be investing the funds day to day.


We fundamentally understand and believe that good asset allocation and fund selection, reviewed regularly and rebalanced in line with future expectations is what delivers the desired outcome.


All of our clients benefit from our philosophy, except those who prefer to tailor all or part of their portfolio themselves to gain exposure to specific investments. Once the asset allocation is agreed, we will recommend one or more of the investment strategies we offer.


As for our track record, it speaks for itself. If you know a client of ours ask them how their investments have performed against the challenging independent benchmarks that we measure portfolios against.


If you don't, simply speak to us and we can show you how your investments could have performed if you had spoken to us sooner!!



Commonly known as Indexing or Tracking, passive investments aim to follow the desired Index as closely as possible. While this removes the opportunity for outperformance and means that indexes are tracked down as well as up, passive investing offers a low-cost 'hands-off' method of building a portfolio in line with the recommended asset allocation. Portfolios can be very 'hands off' if an auto rebalancing strategy is adopted.


Passive strategies can be used as part of an overall investment plan or they can be standalone, which may be perfect for clients who don't wish to have a service level that requires regular reviews, prefer to keep investment management costs down or believe their portfolios are not of sufficient size to warrant additional costs.


Active management brings expert analysis of which specific investments to hold and when to sell. The theory of active management is that the best fund managers can deliver above market returns by increasing or decreasing exposure to specific sectors, regions and stocks to take advantage of prevailing market conditions.


To get the most out of active management strategies it is essential that managers are selected in each asset class who have the best records – measured not only by returns, but also by volatility. To ensure we recommend the best active managers, we monitor and research investment opportunities using Analytics investment research and monitoring software.


All our active strategies can include passive investments in order to reduce investment costs and deliver benchmark returns, particularly in asset classes where historically fund managers have found outperformance net of costs consistently hard to achieve.


Clients using active strategies should ensure that they have a review and monitoring service in place with ourselves. This will ensure that our philosophy is followed and that investments are rebalanced accordingly, otherwise portfolios and markets can move out of kilter and outcomes are unlikely to be as expected.


We are happy to propose portfolios for clients, having undertaken our risk and asset allocation exercise, as long as we have an agreed investment review and rebalancing arrangement in your personal service and remuneration agreement.


You may wish to purchase land or commercial property to be owned by you, your business or your pension fund. We have first-hand knowledge and experience of buying similar investments for other clients – and, indeed, ourselves. If you want to consider such investments, we are happy to see how we can help you achieve your objectives.


Our clients are able to benefit from our strategic alliance with Brooks Macdonald Asset Management, who offer Discretionary Investment Services on preferential terms.


MPS is ideal for clients who want a portfolio service, similar to that offered by ourselves, but wish to have investment specialists constantly constructing, overseeing and rebalancing their portfolio.


MPS is available for direct investments and ISAs where your money is held by Brooks Macdonald, and for other tax wrappers (pensions, onshore and offshore bonds) where the provider of the wrapper enables access to Brooks Macdonald.


MDG meets with Brooks Macdonald on a monthly basis to review performance, strategy and market outlook, meaning that our eye is always on your investment strategy ensuring that outcomes are in line with expectations.


Our clients with portfolios in excess of £300,000 can access Bespoke Discretionary Investment on preferential terms, thanks to our strategic alliance with Brooks Macdonald.


If we agree that BPS may be the service for you, we will arrange for you to meet the Brooks team including your proposed investment manager and, if you wish, one other discretionary investment firm so that you can interview both with us at your side.


Should you elect to appoint Brooks Macdonald, we will liaise with your investment manager regularly and will attend agreed review meetings either at Brooks offices, our office or your preferred location.


The combination of our services and an excellent discretionary manager is one that many of our clients enjoy, thanks to the knowledgeable, relaxed approach of the Brooks team.