Fellow Professionals


MDGMK has strong relationships with Fellow Professionals who provide important services to us and our clients.


To be recommended by our team, professionals must demonstrate the best possible care towards our clients so as to achieve outcomes appropriate to our clients objective.


Equally, to be worthy of referrals from Fellow Professionals, the MDGMK team must demonstrate the same. The fact that many professionals turn to us when clients have needs or objectives that we can assist with speaks volumes for our team.


To foster good relationships and share our experiences, MDGMK deliver Professionals Briefing sessions that cover the latest topics to affect clients. These sessions help professionals serving our clients to be well informed on Financial Planning matters.


Fellow Professionals, fall into the following categories:




Business Lending Specialists

Commercial Property Agents

Company Restructuring & Insolvency Advisers

Divorce Lawyers

Estate Planners

Foreign Currency Advisers

Land Agents

Probate and Estate Administration

Property Conveyancers

Share Scheme Advisers


If you're a Professional and would like to know more about building a relationship with us to benefit your clients, please contact Josh or Keith in the first instance.


As well as Fellow Professionals, MDGMK clients have many Favourites that we are happy to recommend to others for as long as our clients continue to enjoy great service and value.



Blencowes Chartered Accountants

Blencowes and MDGMK enjoy a close relationship that benefits clients of both firms. Blencowes are an independent firm of chartered accountants, chartered tax advisors and registered auditors. They have had a presence in the High Street, Brackley since 1934.


Many clients have benefitted from the joint planning approach adopted when advising clients of both firms. Blencowes are small enough to care and big enough to offer a large range of valuable services to private individuals, corporate entities and not for profit organisations.



MurraYoung - Chartered Accountants

MDG enjoy an excellent working relationship with murraYoung, an independent firm of chartered accountants operated by two directors, Simon Murray and Andy Smart, with a committed and enthusiastic support team. The firm aspires to be different from 'traditional' accountancy organisations, seeking to give clients unprecedented care and attention in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, while offering the highest possible standards of service. With a diverse portfolio of clients, murraYoung has experience across many business sectors and is happy to work in conjunction with MDG to assist clients.



Neves Solicitors LLP

Neves Solicitors is one of the longest established law firms in the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes area with offices in Harpenden, Luton, Milton Keynes and Northampton. They offer a broad range of legal services for both private and business clients. Providing legal expertise in both domestic and commercial property, dispute resolution, divorce and family law, business law, company law and employment law.


Neves have a long standing relationship with MDG and are happy to work in partnership with MDG so as to secure desired outcomes for our clients.



The Inheritance Planning Company

The Inheritance Planning Company (IPC) specialises in planning and managing family assets to ensure that they pass efficiently from one generation to another. They have the people and legal know-how to do this to the highest standards. They strongly believe that all wills require individual advice, and are against DIY and internet wills because there are just too many accidental pitfalls.


Their only discipline is making wills and trusts (estate planning) and administering and managing estates and, to that end, employ and use specialist legal personnel who oversee all work undertaken.   IPC ensure that the correct solution is provided for you and your family and offer discounted fees to MDG clients (as MDG do not accept introductory commissions typically payable to advisers).