Corporate Clients


We provide our corporate clients with first-class service and employee benefit strategies that are proven to help recruit and retain the very best team members.


Our Employee Benefit proposition is very simple. The fundamentals are outlined here:


We believe that financial advice for your employees is fundamental if you are to have a happy team. We meet one-to-one when they join your company and we offer to meet all your staff annually to review investment returns, rebalance portfolios, check death beneficiaries, arrange Trusts where appropriate and provide advice in any areas that our experience may add value to.


As members of your Employee Benefits solution arranged through us, your staff also have access to our advice team. This includes our truly independent mortgage desk, our household insurance solutions, our Estate Planner for wills, our accountants for complex tax returns and catastrophe planning for individual top-up cover. We agree a budget and keep to it.


We are confident in running Salary Exchange benefit solutions that create significant National Insurance and Income Tax savings at source.


We continually make recommendations to improve your chosen benefits solution.


We negotiate improved terms on existing schemes as they grow, at renewal or as market forces allow, making full use of our independent status.


Every month we liaise with your payroll contact to ensure all members' contributions and benefits are correct, and then liaise with providers to arrange payments and maintain records for your business.


We work with companies who wish to reward employees and see benefits as a great way to do so.


If your business is just seeking to meet its legal obligations and will not wish us to engage your staff in the benefits of working for your business, we are probably not the solution for you. However, through our partner solutions, we can suggest how you might proceed if this sounds more like your objective.


Our proposition is a promise built on 25 years' experience providing exactly this service since we started our Corporate Benefits solutions.


We are confident about our proposition and its benefits to our corporate clients and most importantly we have the proven track record.


We are happy to provide reference contacts for you, some can be viewed amongst our Client Stories. Here are a few examples of our corporate client work:


Here are a few examples of our corporate client work:

Engagement - Click here

We may inherit a stale benefits solution that might have employee take-up of only 60% or less. Using our knowledge, contacts and experience to hugely improve such propositions, we have seen employee take-up grow to 95% and more.


The average gross contribution to pensions across all our schemes is a staggering 14% of salary, which is far higher than the national average. It clearly proves the staff engagement we achieve through our ongoing advice, one-to-one reviews, employee education and, in turn, the motivation among staff to save for their future.

Business Start Up's & Overseas Parents - Click here

Overseas companies often task a few key individuals to build a UK branch, and top of the agenda is recruiting good people capable of working in a small team and building a new business. But the overseas parent company will typically have little knowledge of UK benefits, with the initial key people focused on sales, marketing and recruitment.


With no strategy and arranged quickly to get a team on board, new staff will be offered ad hoc benefits based on what they ask for rather than what would be wise for the business. This can easily lead to a mess of packages that are difficult to maintain and time-consuming and inefficient to administer, putting unnecessary stress on existing office managers or human resource and financial departments.


Getting this right at day one can save this hassle if we are engaged to oversee the benefits process and can meet new employees as they come on board.


As many corporate advisers insist on dealing with only large organisations, we have created a niche for ourselves. We're happy to work with businesses that demonstrate they are serious about building a successful UK operation. Our willingness to help when others will not has helped us build great loyalty with small companies that have grown quickly, and often the UK business has become a key part of the global organisation.

Caring for Scheme Members & Tax Planning - Click here

Personal finances are often the biggest day-to-day concern for some employees, and if we identify such situations we can provide debt advice and money management guidance.


For others, the most important part of our service is our taxation knowledge and our ability to assist with planning to mitigate all forms of tax. This may be the case among employees such as:


Those earning over £43,000 and paying Higher Rate Tax

Those earning over £100,000 and losing Personal Allowance

Those earning over £150,000 and paying Additional Rate Tax

Those who have the option of a company car or car allowance

Those with share options seeking to mitigate the Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax that may apply.


The majority of our corporate clients have joined us after we were recommended by a member of staff who enjoyed the benefits of our services at a previous employer. This is testament to our commitment to provide the best possible employee advice services.


If a member of staff leaves your company, we are there to guide them on how to carry forward the benefits they have accumulated and to provide an ongoing telephone-based level of service that provides ongoing access to our advice.


Many of our private clients first met us at work where we were the in-house employee benefit provider and have continued to seek our advice long after leaving the company – further evidence of the trust and service built by our team.