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The Milton Keynes team enjoys working at our rural location that is easily accessed from the M1 (junction13), A421 and Milton Keynes.


Looking out onto our trout pond, not only do we get to watch the rainbow and brown trout but also the stoats, foxes, squirrels, swans, Canadian geese, moorhens, mallards, pheasant, partridges, peacocks, kingfishers, woodpeckers and buzzards as well as the more common English wildlife.


To think that a few years ago we looked out onto the streets of Luton and had to drive up and down the M1 every day, our location certainly makes work a more pleasant experience and demonstrates that we practice what we preach about Lifestyles.


With plenty of parking, our easy-to-access location provides a relaxed environment in which we can consider your life plans and ensure that your financial planning is geared to allow you to enjoy your objectives.


We are also happy to meet at your business premises or home but clients tend to prefer our relaxed environment so that we can focus on lifestyle planning without distractions.


For corporate clients we expect to conduct meetings at your premises and to meet your team on site, and ask that you provide a suitable private meeting room for group presentations and one-to-one discussions.




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Myers Davison Ginger, Church View, Hulcote
Bedfordshire MK17 8BW


Tel: 01908 584925 | Fax: 0845 867 3362
Email: mkoffice@mdgifa.com