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Welcome to MDG Milton Keynes Chartered Financial Planners


We love and thrive upon witnessing our Clients, our Team and their respective families enjoying their Desired Outcomes.


Our aim at MDG Milton Keynes is to provide professional services that will add tremendous value for clients. We're a friendly, independent, experienced financial planning firm that has a proven track record of delivering tangible benefits to our clients.


The Milton Keynes team looks after both corporate clients, who are looking for a personal friendly service for their employee benefits plans either to help with the recruitment and retention of the very best staff or to meet regulatory duties, and private clients, who expect us to nag, cajole, nurture, help, inspire and encourage so as to identify and then live the lifestyle sought both now and in the future.


Many of our private clients' first dealings with us were as members of employee benefit schemes we run for their current or former employers, while many of our corporate client contacts first dealt with us as private clients.


To better understand the benefits that our services will deliver for you please refer to our Private Client or Corporate Client pages.


New clients are typically referred to us by existing clients and by our professional connections, including accountants, solicitors, estate planners, business transfer advisors, share scheme specialists and HR professionals - to name just a few.


If you've found us through a web search, please take a little time to browse this site and get a feel for our team and whether we're the kind of people with whom you'd want to work. It is important to us that our relationship with clients is warm and friendly and that our business dealings are enjoyable for everyone.  


If you are looking for MDG Aylesbury (Central Office) or another MDG adviser, please visit